Nature and local communities at its centre

La Fiermontina Ocean gives travel a new meaning by promoting a form of sustainable tourism which respects the region it is based in and enriches it economically and culturally. This kind of tourism promotes direct interaction with the landscape and its inhabitants; discover indigenous flora and fauna, organic farm-to-table produce, local culture and rich traditions.

How does this tourism model work? We are proud of two meaningful initiatives:

  • one is the creation of the “Dunes ofKkmiss SahlRegional Natural Park, aimed at preserving the local eco-system through the reforestation of an area of 10 hectares with olive and fruit trees. It also aims to protect the Sahel and coastal dunes, which are currently threatened by human behaviour.
  • The second initiative is the important community development project conceived by Fouad Giacomo Filali and carried out in partnership with the Orient-Occident Foundation and local authorities. The project’s goal is to improve people’s living conditions in neighbouring villages like Dchier, Mezgalef and Tcharouah, which are lacking in resources and at risk of being abandoned due to migration to urban settlements.

Alongside emergency interventions, the project also provides education, training and support, thus promoting the creation of women’s and farming cooperatives, the birth of sustainable farming initiatives and the development of a form of tourism based on social economy.