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Suite Nocturne 2
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Suite Nocturne

2 people
Square footage
41,80 m²

The Suite Nocturne is an enveloping space, where music comes to life and becomes a sound dimension. Feel the ethereal notes floating in the air, creating an ideal environment to explore your inner world. The room itself becomes an instrument, giving life to your musical creativity without physical limits.


The Suite Nocturne with deep blue tones, measuring 41.80 square meters is located on the first floor and is equipped with two iPads and two audio speakers. On the two iPads are installed two different apps of generative music. With the help of these apps, you can create ever-changing sound sequences that will be the sound carpet: ambient music that will accompany your stay. The generated sound sequences can be heard inside the room through diffusion speakers. Two pairs of headphones will also be provided for an even stronger immersive experience.

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