In 2015 in Lecce, a great story of hospitality, art, and the pleasure of living began, taking the name of La Fiermontina Family Collection.
This charming story finds its roots in the past of a family of Apulian origins. The main characters are Antonia Fiermonte, grandmother of the current owners, and her brother Enzo Fiermonte. 

The Fiermontina (2015) is a project born in the historic center of Lecce, with the restoration of an old farmhouse bordering the city walls, to develop into Palazzo Bozzi Corso (2018), a sister property located in the beating heart of the city with its 10-majestic Suites.

The idea expands and follows in the footsteps of its protagonists: in 2019, owners Fouad Giacomo and Antonia Yasmina Filali decided to restore an old apartment in the historic center and dedicate it entirely to the memory of their grandmother Antonia - the muse of the two French artists René Letourner and Jaques Zwobada - which takes the name MAMA Museum (Museum of Modern Art Antonia). 
The journey continues in France (2019) with the introduction of the luxury apartment La Fiermontina Vendôme into the Family Collection. La Fiermontina Vendôme is located in the most exclusive square in Paris until we arrive in Morocco (2022). La Fiermontina Ocean is an eco-retreat with Suites and Villas that enhances hidden and forgotten corners in northwest Morocco, safeguarding the out of the area and including rural communities with a major community development project in partnership with the Orient-Occident Foundation.

In all of our Luxury Homes, tradition and modernity come together to create something extraordinary, where the daily goal is to take care of the travelers who decide to entrust us with the best moments of their lives, providing the highest level of service that goes beyond simple accommodation, however.

Working with us means choosing a family that values you as a human being. Our team is cohesive and contaminated by different cultures. Our Collection is a place where one can grow professionally while maintaining the authenticity of being oneself.

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