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At the beginning of the 21st century, an inspiring story of hospitality, art and the pleasure of living began in Lecce, Puglia. This story became what is known as ‘La Fiermontina Family Collection’, a selection of unique residences whose roots can be found in the history of a family of Apulian origin.

La Fiermontina Family Collection and its nineteen rooms were created in 2015 in the historical centre of Lecce, beginning with the restoration of an old farmhouse that borders the city walls. The project developed with Palazzo Bozzi Corso in 2018, a beautiful sister property with ten majestic suites, located in the heart of the city.

In 2019, owners Fouad-Giacomo and Antonia-Yasmina Filali decided to restore an old apartment in the city centre. Dedicating it to the memory of their grandmother, Antonia, the muse of French artists René Letourneur and Jacques Zwobada, it is aptly named Fiermonte Museum. This journey continued in Paris in 2019, with La Fiermontina Vendôme being introduced to the Collection. A few years later, in 2022, La Fiermontina Ocean was established, an eco-retreat with suites and villas nestled within the hidden landscape of northwest Morocco. In partnership with the Orient-Occident Foundation, La Fiermontina Ocean preserves the area's authenticity by working with rural communities through community development projects.

In each of our luxury homes, tradition and contemporary practices come together to create something unique, helping us look after clients who’ve entrusted us with some of the most important moments of their lives. Working with us means becoming part of a family, entering a cohesive team comprised of an array of different cultures, one that allows you to grow as a professional whilst retaining your sense of who you are.

Would you like to get involved and play your part in this great project? Contact us on hr@lafiermontinacollection.com or visit our Linkedin page to find out about our vacancies.

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