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La Fiermontina Ocean... an experience in nature that will transform you

La Fiermontina Ocean is an Eco-Retreat situated on the wild coast of Larache.

Located at the heart of the Dune of Khmis Sahel Regional Park, it is framed by the hills of Northern Morocco and faces the Atlantic Ocean.

To reach the retreat, guests have to travel across 8 km of rural track that leads them to another world: a place where authentic Moroccan heritage, offered by local people, meets luxury experience.


La Fiermontina Ocean includes:

- 11 Pool Suites and 2 Family Pool Villas with an Ocean View.

- 4 Traditional Houses, a Hammam, and a Café in the Village of Dchier.


Each of the properties were designed to blend in with the surrounding landscape, with use of local materials helping them integrate into 322 acres of rock, ancient ruins and sand dunes, all of which are located above a magical unspoilt beach.

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gallery-ocean/1024-Panoramic-Suite-8.jpg gallery-ocean/WhatsApp_Image_2024-07-02_at_12.39.14.jpg
An extraordinary hotel project, with villas between the earth, sky and sea
A journey through flavours

Besides the intimate atmosphere and the scenic views, the restaurant offers the best of both Italian and traditional Maroccan cuisine, a trove of authentic flavours preserved by the small local cooperatives

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Cadi's house
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Sunset picnic

A sunset picnic will allow you to enjoy delicious cuisine under huge, century-old mulberry trees.

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Follow a hillside path from La Fiermontina Ocean to the village of Mezgalef with the help of Imad, our trekking guide.

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On horseback

Enjoy a horseback ride along the beach to experience an incredible sense of freedom.

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Breakfast in the village

Immerse yourself in the culture and traditions of the inhabitants of Dchier ou Mezgalef with a meal in the home of Farida, Ikram and Fatna.

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Water activities

Dive into the world of water activities at La Fiermontina Ocean, where adventure meets the waves.

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Cooking class

Find your inner foodie with our delicious food and wine experiences. Learn how to make tradional pasta fresca during a cooking class.

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Folklore experiences

Immerse yourself in the rich culture and timeless traditions of Morocco. Experience the captivating Ritual of Wealth.

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Well-being rituals and yoga classes

Focus on your well-being in the village’s Hammam with tailor-made treatments and magical rituals that harness local expertise and ingredients.

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A trip to Morocco evokes ancient history and age-old emotions. It carries the trace of the diverse people that have travelled through this land: from the Berbers to the Phoenicians, from the Carthaginians to the Romans, from the Byzantines to the Arabs.

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