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A love story in Paris 2

A love story in Paris

There is no country, no sky that pleases me… There is only your flesh and your soul.
– Jacques Zwobada, December 1945 –

La Fiermontina Vendôme is a tribute to a passionate and fascinating story that begins in Apulia and moves to Paris, where an exciting chapter of the Fiermonte family story took place.


Antonia Fiermonte moved to Paris in her youth and became the muse of two artists: René Letourneur and Jacques Zwobada. After falling in love with Antonia, René divorced his wife so he could re-marry. Not long after, Antonia joined him in Fontenay-aux-Roses, where he lived and worked with Zwobada, who subsequently fell in love with Antonia because of her charisma and charm.

A mad and passionate correspondence followed, with Zwobada writing Antonia daily letters overflowing with love. Difficult years followed, with the arrival of the war forcing the two lovers to confess their love to René. After their confession, Antonia divorced René and married Zwobada in his place. Shortly afterwards, however, Antonia tragically died at just 42 years old. Zwobada went mad with grief, dedicating a Mausoleum to her in Montana, close to Roma. René was also devastated by this loss, and the shared grief brought the two artist friends closer together.

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