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Ocean Restaurant

A journey through the flavours of Italian and Moroccan cuisine

Set against the backdrop of the ocean and the sand dunes, Ocean Restaurant offers the best of Italian cuisine, with recipes by our Executive Chef, Alessandro Pascali.

Dishes are served alongside traditional Moroccan cuisine that is prepared by local cooks, with the latter including dishes such as couscous or lamb tajine, prepared in the eponymous clay cooking pot with its pointed lid. Whatever you choose, you will be treated to a range of authentic flavours, with each recipe making use of organic fruit and vegetables produced by local farmers.

Alongside our cuisine, our bartender prepares delicious cocktails, mixing fresh ingredients you can enjoy alongside Chef Antonio's tapas, while gazing out at the ocean in front of you. If it takes your fancy, enjoy Cuban cigars selected directly from Havana, whilst sitting in the adjoining Cigar Lounge.

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