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The value of encounter

Seventy years ago, a meeting of different cultures, ancient traditions and cosmopolitan influences built a bridge between the East and the West, later leading to the founding of La Fiermontina Ocean.

It is the fascinating family history of siblings Fouad Giacomo and Antonia Yasmina-Filali, which starts in Italy and moves to France before continuing to Morocco, their paternal grandfather’s country of origin.


In 1955 in Fes, Antonia Fiermonte, a Catholic painter and violinist, met the Cadí Thami Filali, father of Abdellatif and the husband of her daughter, Anne. He was a judge of Koranic law and one of the most respected men in the city, who welcomed her warmly with a grand reception.

Antonia and the Cadí, whilst coming from two very different worlds, showed great tolerance for one another’s belief systems and subsequently marked the future stages of their grandchildren's journey, starting with the
Fondation Orient-Occident, a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting cultural integration.

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