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G7 2024 in Puglia
From June 13th to 15th, Puglia will be at the center of global attention, hosting the G7 summit.
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Art and hospitality: museum with suites in Lecce
The Fiermonte Museum is not simply a journey through 20th-century art, showcasing works from the private collection of La Fiermontina Family Collection, but also a captivating story of art, love, and friendship and a unique museum-hotel.
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At one with nature: hiking in Roca Vecchia, Salento
June is the perfect month to immerse yourself in the unspoiled nature of Salento, when the days lengthen and the sun illuminates breathtaking landscapes. On foot or by bicycle, you can traverse places that tell ancient and fascinating stories.
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The 33rd edition of the Olympics in Paris
Paris, the city of love, is a perfect destination at any time of the year, but from July 26th to August 11th, it will be even more irresistible. It will host the 33rd edition of the Olympics, over 100 years since the last time, and will transform into a magnificent Olympic Park, with events in the most iconic locations.
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Authentic Morocco: The Dunes of Khemis Sahel
In Morocco, in the province of Larache, an enchanting landscape of gentle hills and soft sand dunes covered with Mediterranean scrub is part of the upcoming Regional Natural Park "Le Dune di Khemis Sahel," created to preserve the ecosystem.
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Asilah, an open-air gallery in Morocco
Summer marks the return of the renowned Asilah Arts Festival that transforms this picturesque coastal town, half an hour from Tangier and La Fiermontina Ocean, into a vibrant hub of culture and international exchange.
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