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Migrants du Monde

Intercultural exchange, the sharing of knowledge, the possibility of expressing oneself through the creation of clothes and accessories, such as hand-embroidered pochettes. There is all this and much more in Migrants du Monde, the brand of the clothing and embroidery workshop present since 2010 in Rabat at the Fondation Orient-Occident, which promotes the integration of migrant and refugee women within Moroccan society, with the contribution also of seamstresses from Salento and French and Italian designers. Behind each garment is a story of redemption and the conquest of freedom.

In 1994, Antonia Filali created the Foundation Orient-Occident, a non-profit organisation aiming to address the problems faced by migrants, refugees and young Moroccans, promoting employment through socio-educational and professional workshops. One of the Foundation’s goals is to promote diversity and enhance the opportunities of different cultures.

Migrants du Monde is the registered trademark for the couture and embroidery workshop that has been present at the Foundation since 2010. It represents one of the main activities of the Foundation, aiming to facilitate the integration of migrant and refugee women into Moroccan society through intercultural exchange.

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