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Who we are

Welcoming with the heart

The Fiermontina Family Collection is curated to offer travellers an enriching experience; a harmonious blend of art and living pleasure. Everything you see and experience whilst staying with us has been carefully arranged and designed, allowing Fouad Giacomo and Antonia Yasmina-Filali to fulfil their desire to share the extraordinary history of their maternal grandmother, a beautiful muse and artist who died before they met her.

From her they inherited their elegant style, whimsical spirit, love of the arts, and passion for philanthropy. Because of this, they are excited to open the doors of these homes and tell this incredible story, offering guests a signature hospitality service that is easier to experience than to explain.

Family stories

Our story begins with the Filali siblings’ desire to revisit the places that were most important to their family. Fouad-Giacomo and Antonia-Yasmina followed in the footsteps of their grandmother, Antonia Fiermonte, as well as their granduncle, Enzo Fiermonte, travelling from their native Puglia in Italy to Paris and on to Morocco.

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Our mission

In all its endeavours, La Fiermontina Family Collection pursues a clear mission: to offer hospitality, to tell a compelling story, to promote art appreciation, to create a continuous dialogue with its guests so that they can feel deeply respected and considered in their uniqueness.

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Fondation Orient-Occident

Created in Morocco in 1994 by Yasmina Filali, the Fondation Orient-Occident (FOO) is a family-run non-profit organization conceived as a bridge between the two shores of the Mediterranean.

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Migrants du Monde

Migrants du Monde is the registered trademark for the couture and embroidery workshop present since 2010 at the Orient-Occident Foundation. It represents one of the main activities of the Foundation and it aims to facilitate the integration of migrant and refugee women into Moroccan society

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