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Human welfare is at the centre of our inclusive and sustainable service, based on four fundamental principles: to protect, develop, support and maintain.

Protecting the environment from waste and negligence is at the core of all of our processes, which include use of low-consumption LED lighting, organic courtesy toiletries, eco-labelled detergents and recycling. As well as the above, the houses, suites and villas of La Fiermontina Ocean are built with natural local materials and make use of a 160 kW photovoltaic system, alongside electric service cars.

The preservation of the territory through the Regional National Park, ‘The Dunes of Khemis Sahel’, is also an important part of our project, as is the reforestation of 10 hectares of land, the re-introduction of 7500 olive trees, and the orchard and the organic vegetable garden serving the restaurant.

Developing a multicultural social-solidarity economy
We have developed a conscientious model of integration that focuses on dialogue, respect and team building for common growth, supporting this through the employment of culturally diverse teams in our residences.
In Lecce, Italy, La Fiermontina’s ‘Luxury Home’ and ‘Palazzo Bozzi Corso’ employ Mathias from Nigeria, Charity from Kenya, and Ayman from Morocco. They also employ Christian from Argentina and Mahr and Mihail from the Philippines and Romania, both of whom work in the maintenance department.
Much like the residences above, the team at La Fiermontina Ocean consists of employees from Morocco, sub-Saharan Africa, Italy and several other countries, with most of the staff recruited and trained in the neighbouring douars.

Supporting Local Communities and Social Innovation
Since 2020, both La Fiermontina Ocean and the Fondation Orient-Occident have helped people access essential resources, particularly those related to education and health. This has included providing the villages of Dchier and Mezgalef with running water, the restoration of school buildings, and the improvement of working conditions through the Poverty Spotlight Initiative, a social innovation tool developed in partnership with the NGO Fundación Paraguaya.

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