La Fiermontina Ocean

An experience in nature that will transform you

It's not just a magical place, a site of incredible stories, the irresistible charm of undiscovered Morocco. It’s a journey that transforms you in a profound way, which slows down time, lights you up and brings emotions to the surface. On the wild, sun-drenched and windswept Larache coast, with its deserted beaches and untouched bays, its ocean-facing dunes and hidden natural gems, La Fiermontina Ocean has a magnetic energy. Here the journey becomes a rebirth; the luxury of the experience is to be part of a respectful and supportive kind of hospitality; an eco-retreat that wants to protect natural landscapes, the people that live in them and give hope to the inhabitants of the remote villages of Dchier and Tcharouah e Mezgalef.


An encounter between cosmopolitan cultures and traditions across East and West created 70 years ago led to the birth of La Fiermontina Ocean. The family story of siblings Fouad Giacomo and Antonia Yasmina Filali is a unique one: it begins in Italy and travels to France through their maternal grandmother, then continues to Morocco, the country of origin of their paternal grandfather. In 1955, Antonia Fiermonte, a catholic painter and violinist, meets the cadi Thami Filali in Fez, her daughter Anne’s father-in-law. A judge of Islamic Law and one of the most respected men in town, he welcomes her with a great celebration. The artist and the cadi - albeit from two very different worlds - paved the way for their grandchildren’s future journey. This started with the birth of the Orient-Occident Foundation, created with the aim to facilitate intercultural dialogue and integration. .