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Art and hospitality: museum with suites in Lecce

It has just opened, but it is already winning everyone over. The Fiermonte Museum is not simply a journey through 20th-century art, showcasing works from the private collection of La Fiermontina Family Collection, but also a captivating story of art, love, and friendship between René Letourneur and Jacques Zwobada, two of the most important French sculptors of the 20th century, both in love with the talented and charming artist Antonia Fiermonte. It is not just an extraordinary path enriched by the most innovative technologies, featuring marble and bronze sculptures, drawings, paintings, holography, and 3D docufilms, but a living place hosting workshops, artist residencies, and private events. Besides being a refuge for the soul, it is also a unique museum-hotel. A "House" with four brand new themed suites, where one can immerse in art even at night, visiting the works behind closed doors and having the opportunity to create personally: painting, molding clay, generating sounds and videos. Each suite, in fact, offers a different creative experience: the Nocturne Suite celebrates music, the Peplum Suite is dedicated to videos, the Avant-Garde Suite is inspired by painting, and the Marble Suite pays homage to sculpture. One enters a new dimension of art, living and breathing creativity in every room.

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