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Antonia Fiermonte

A painter, violinist and frequenter of the historic Parisian salons, Antonia Fiermonte was the muse of René Letourneur and Jacques Zwobada, two of the 20th century’s most fascinating sculptors. She moved to Rome with her family at a young age, eventually meeting Letourneur whilst working as a model at Villa Medici. It was love at first sight and she followed him to Paris where, after they were married, their daughter Anne was born.

Despite her marriage to Letourneur, Zwobada fell hopelessly in love with Antonia and courted her unrelentingly, writing her countless letters overflowing with love. After long, painful years, during which these lovers lived below the same roof, Antonia left René and pursued her passion for Jacques, who had reignited her artistic passion.

Sadly, during a vacation in Rome, Antonia passed away at the age of only forty-two. Devastated by the unbearable grief, Zwobada built her a mausoleum in the cemetery of Mentana, a few kilometres from Rome.

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