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Fiermonte Museum Opening 1

Fiermonte Museum Opening

Art, Love, and Friendship. The creation of the Fiermonte Museum, which will open on May 15th in Lecce, consecrates a relationship of love and friendship through the works of three protagonists: Antonia Fiermonte, René Letourneur, and Jacques Zwobada. It's the story of an artist who embodies beauty, talent, and passion. It's the story of a friendship between two of the most significant representatives of 20th-century sculpture in France, who both fall in love with Antonia. And then there's the love of Fouad Giacomo and Antonia Yasmina Filali, grandchildren of a grandmother never known because she passed away too soon at the age of 42, but who inspired their lives. A journey into 20th-century art, to be discovered through the works of their private collection, including marble and bronze sculptures, drawings, paintings, photographs, books, videos, in an emotional journey, made even more engaging by the use of new technologies. The Fiermonte Museum is not only a place open to exhibitions, workshops, artist residencies, private events, but it is also a Home to live in. A hotel in a museum: a unique initiative!


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